Fear Evil Title Law

I was going to do an introduction post, because that’s a thing people do, right? – but the About page pretty much covers the introduction phase, and no one really wants to read a whole post about what I’m going to be posting about. Still, I didn’t want to start off with a post out of nowhere, so…

While thinking up the title of this blog, I was considering using an anagram of my full name. Obviously I didn’t end up going down that path, but anagrams are still awesome! Here’s all the interesting ones I came up with, my favorites in bold.

Evil Flatware Lite

Evil Waterfall Tie

Aerial Lift Twelve

Liav: A Tweet Filler

Level Twelve Air Fiat

Twilit Lava Feeler

Alewife Travel Lit

Literal TV: Awe Life

Farewell Via Title

Iterative Wall Elf

Literate Wall Five

Relative Wale Lift

Relative Tall Wife

Levitate Rifle Law

Little Waif Reveal

Frail Little Weave

Elite Firewall Vat

Filtrate La Weevil

Little Flea Waiver

Retail Fail Twelve

A Live Wallet Refit

Trivial Wallet Fee

A Little View Flare

A Literal Left View

A question to YOU, THE READER: What are some anagrams of your name?

(For automatic anagramming, click here!)