My name is Liav Lewitt – and my initials, when turned upside-down, denote my birthday. This is objectively Super Cool.

Now onto BUSINESStm. A litany, as I’m using it here, is a mantra of a sort, a resonant phrase that can be repeated over and over – the distillation of a specific idea or belief. My litany, if I had one, would be something about being careful with holding onto a singular idea or belief too strongly. Instead, my litany is ever-changing, defeating the entire purpose of the thing. So let’s say that my litany is this site in its entirety.

I have a lot of time, most of which I spend reading. I want to spend more of it writing. Hence, this blog.

That’s not a bad name for a blog – Hence, This Blog. I could see myself blogging under that title. I like the alliteration of my current title too much not to use it, though. ‘Hence, This Blog’ sounds pretty meta, and I’m not going to be blogging about blogging. Hopefully. For all our sakes. I do like writing about words, though, so it may get slightly meta; ‘Hence, This Blog’ just seems like it would only allow for meta discussion, and I want the freedom given to me by the title I choose for a blog to allow me to write about whatever it is that I feel like writing about.

Hence, this blog.


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